Download eBook version in time for Christmas

Christmas seems to have snuck up on a lot of people this  year but it isn’t too late to surprise your children with the eBook version of A Christmas Tail, co-authored by Donna Smith and Helen Ross; beautiful illustrations by Aaron Pocock.  For book reviews, click here.

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Melanie, Monty and baby Peter Mouse live in a doll’s house called Cherrywood Cottage. The Mouse family are full of excitement as they await the arrival of Santa Paws. However, an unlikely turn of events sets about a hilarious twist to their Christmas festivities. Find out how Santa Paws loses his trousers.

Click on the Amazon ‘link’ below, to purchase in time for Christmas.

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eBook is also available on Apple iTunes.


Hardback and paperback versions are also available on Amazon and other major online bookstores.


Merry Christmas everyone.


Review of A Christmas Tail

Spider Ink Press is excited to have received another lovely review for A Christmas Tail, co-authored by Donna Smith and Helen Ross.  Illustrations by Aaron Pocock.

The review is by Anastasia of  Kids-bookreviewKids-Book review is a well respected children’s literature and book review site.

To view the link, please click here:

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