About our Authors

Donna Smith

Donna Smith is an award winning children’s author who lives in Victoria with her husband and their three children. Donna has had several children’s stories and poems published in various anthologies, journals and as chapter books. Donna has also written over forty academic titles for the Adult Education sector and completed an arts degree in 2012.  When Donna is not writing she enjoys piano, art, skiing and training for triathlons. You can visit Donna at and at (blog).

Donna co-wrote A Christmas Tail with children’s writer, Helen Ross.

Helen Ross

Helen Ross (nee McKenzie) was born in Melbourne, Australia. As a former primary and kindergarten teacher, Helen has always loved the magic of books. She loves writing, photography, travel and art, and has won awards for her children’s poetry. Her quirky sense of humour is embedded in many of her children’s stories and giggle poetry. She also enjoys visiting schools and conducting giggle poetry workshops around Australia; hence, she always has a bag packed ready to go.
Helen lives in sunny Brisbane with her humorous husband and their beloved pets.
More information about Helen’s other published children’s books can be found at her website:   and at (blog)

About our Illustrators

Aaron Pocock

Aaron Pocock, born into a large family in the South of England, has been living in Brisbane, Australia since 2000 and has been an illustrator for 20 years or so.  As well as drawing, painting and many other pursuits that keep his mind active and nimble, Aaron is also a musician and plays a mean Blues guitar. Aaron is married, has two children and works in a big studio where he scribbles away at drawings and paintings for books and things. More of his work can be found at: and

Aaron illustrated A Christmas Tail.

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